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Nin is a town located 15 km northwest of Zadar and about 6 km far from the family house Puhalovic. The center of the ancient town is located on the island with a diameter of about 500m. The island is connected to the mainland by two bridges. The town was built on a sandbank of the estuary of the river "Miljasic jaruga". Zdrijac is a settlement on the north side of town. On the east side there are salt pans and on the south and the west side is located a newly built part of town. The town of Nin consists of a few zones: the historical core on the island, settlement Zdrijac, new parts of town on the south and west, Bilotinjak, and Ninske Vodice.


St. Nicholas's castle

Town of Nin from air


Nin is a well-preserved historical town with a clean sea, sand beaches, and many historical significant monuments.
In the past, Nin was a metropolis for kings and bishops of Croatia. In the Nin in the year, 879 AD duke Branimir was crowned by the Roman pope. In the mere center of the town, there is a small Church of Saint Cross and which is a unique example of early Croatian architecture.


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