Apartmani u Kožinu pokraj Zadra
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Location of family house Puhalovic

In your free time, you can go sightseeing at some of the natural wealth that surrounds Zadar and the city of Zadar itself as the first Croatian metropolitan town of Nin.

In the Zadar region, there are 4 national parks that You should not miss: Plitvice lakes, the Waterfalls of river Krka, Paklenica on the Velebit mountain, and Kornati islands. Also, you can visit the natural park Telascica and the historical monuments in Zadar and Nin. You can also visit the Franciscan monastery on the island of Visovac near the city of Sibenik. Here are a few maps that closely describe the location of the family house Puhalovic in the Mediterranean.

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The Republic of Croatia, click on the image for a better view...


Region of Dalmatia, click on the image for a better view...



Here is a list and a small image of some of the natural wealth that you can visit in our region.



1. National park  PLITVICE,



2.City of Zadar,



4. National park KORNATI,

5. National park KRKA WATERFALS, near SIBENIK,


6. TELASCICA, Dugi Otok,

7. Church of St. Nikola, near city of Nin, 10 km from Zadar.



developed by Marko Puhalovic