Apartments in Kozino near Zadar
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Kožino is a small village in northern Dalmatia, 6 km northwest of Zadar; elevation of 64 m. The economy is based on farming. Kozino is located on the regional road Zadar - Nin, running through the forests of pine; at the intersection of the regional road and the local road which leads to Petrcane on the coast (2 km). This location is ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing. Moreover, you can explore the surrounding national parks and visit the attractions. The parish church of St. Michael the Archangel was built in 1522.

Halfway between Nin and Zadar, Kozino is a place with numerous modern villas and apartments and it is an ideal location for visitors that are looking for quiet in a little place with a gentle and friendly atmosphere.

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Note: The more detailed position of our house in the village of Kozino You can see on Google satellite maps at this link.


The Church of St. Michael in Kozino



Sunset in Kozino

    Abandoned old Church in Kozino


Satellite view of Kozino

    Airplane photo of Kozino


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